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CIK&HEI (Sick and High)

Duo / Alternative Hip Hop / Experimental 

West Palm Beach, Florida





CiKxHEi (Sick and High) is a West Palm Beach, Florida Indie Duo defining and reforming the hip-hop industry. CiKxHei define themselves by their distinctive sound creating what some have dubbed as Alternative Hip-Hop melodic mix of soul, pop, electronic, and urban elements creating a dreamy layered and textured sound.

CiKxHEi is fronted by both Nicholas LaIuppa (CIK) and Anthony Heising (HEI).  Nicholas LaIuppa is the front man of this creative group; he is an artist in the true sense of the word, with his passion lying in words and design. CiK is a poet, MC, actor, and trendsetter; trail blazing all paths that are chosen and opened to him. Anthony Heising is fire in this group, intoxicating fans and listeners with the musical canvas he designs lending itself to help cultivate what is well recognized as CiKxHEi’s signature sound. HEi is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and arranger.

CiKxHEi (Sick and High) got their start in the music industry in 2006 as high school students looking for something fun to do. What started off as a way to entertain their selves and kill some time quickly grew into something much more passionate.

After recording their first song in a professional studio they realized that they would be better off learning the process of recording, mixing, and mastering themselves, so that’s exactly what they set out to do. For the next four years they spent countless hours in their home studio learning their gear and honing their craft.

523580_252614938163451_1001162398_n (1)In 2010 they released their first album, Test Subject: The First Of Its Kind, a textured, dreamy, experimental and alternative Hip-hop album. It was a culmination of what they had learned in the past few years. In the years to come Nick and Anthony turned their focuses to the business side of things; honing their sound, banding, and marketing.

In 2012 CiKxHEi began working on their second album, Rise & Labor, which is their first official release to the public. Rise & Labor is themed around hard work, stamina, and the balance of extreme dedication with letting loose.

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In addition to the album, CiKxHEi decided to create an accompanying Rise & Labor movement to help bring to light what other creative’s and innovators are doing. The goal of the Rise & Labor movement is to inspire creativity, innovation, and drive for all those wild minded dreamers out there.

In moving forward, CiKxHEi are continually pulling from all of their past experiences. They believe that the fundamentals of the Rise & Labormovement will always speak to their core but their music is naturally
ever evolving. They thoroughly believe that as long as they remain authentic and true to themselves they will have no limits. Creating and innovating is their lives, CiKxHEi aim to push culture forward and to inspire along the way.


“Their sound is new, its fresh, their a pleasant surprise. Really loving their sound”.
Eleon Perlaza
President of: Florida Atlantic’s BRV’s

“Their sound is different, commercial  with urban flare. Mainstream appeal…”
Dj Samore
CEO of Urban Entertainment, X102.3 FM

“I’ve never quite heard anything as original and fresh as CiKxHEi.”
Byrony Diplock
Producer at Voice FM, Contributor at I Like Music, CEO of Cuttin’ Edge Productions.

Featured in OUR Magazine, x102.3 FM, Lyrical,, Music Bible, FAU Owl Radio, and many more.

Band Members

Nick CIK LaIuppa


Anthony HEI Heising

Producer, Vocalist 

Other Info

Record Label:

Dream Machine Recordings

Cover band:






Test SubjecT: The First of its Kind (2012)
Independent LP

The Feels Cover 1200x1200





The Feels (2014)

“Moody and misty, very real”
Elliot Holman
breakfast and drive time presenter Heart FM, The Hits Radio and UTV Radio Network: Total Access presenter.


“It’s very different and experimental, good vibes”
Alfie butler
XFM radio, Absolute radio and Global Media head of a&r.


“I actually quite like it. Got a nice old skool Hip-hop vibe about it.”
Elle Peas
Voice FM presenter.

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